The Old Man Oyster Company is a niche oyster farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices and providing fresh, delicious seafood to customers. Our "Tide to Table" philosophy is to provide the freshest, highest-quality oysters from our farm to your plate as quickly as possible.

Our name stems from the Hemmingway Classic - "The Old man and the Sea" story exhibiting the constant battle in life and overcoming and never losing hope. Be it in the environment, self, or other causes. "But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated."

In addition to direct-to-consumer shipments of our farm-fresh Oysters, we also sell a wide variety of merchandise and oyster-themed lifestyle products promoting sustainability and our lifestyle brand.

Lastly, we also offer oyster catering and event services. We strive to make every event fun and memorable while educating our guests about the importance of sustainability through our oysters.

So whether you are looking for fresh oysters, unique gifts to represent The Old Man Oyster brand, lifestyle, and our mantras of sustainability, or an unforgettable experience, at their next wedding, party, or special occasion. The Old Man Oyster Company has something to offer everyone.


The Best Fresh Osyters in Charleston, SC

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