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How to Throw an Oyster Roast Party

Do you want to throw a party complete with oyster roast catering in Charleston, SC?

This is a handy guide on how to throw an incredible oyster roast party!


How to Throw an Oyster Party

Did you know that people have been cultivating and consuming oysters since the time of the Roman Empire? If you love to eat oysters, you are not alone. They are a delicacy that people worldwide have enjoyed for thousands of years. It is long-known that the best way to consume them is by hosting an oyster party.

The problem is that it can be challenging to know how to organize one of these events and where to find the best oyster catering in Charleston, SC. To make things easier for you, we've created a guide. Read on to find out more.


How to Select Oysters

If you have never eaten raw oysters before, it is essential to understand that many varieties of raw oysters exist. This is why you need to do some research before looking for the best oysters in CharlestonYou can find five different species of oysters in the United States. But there are several different types of oysters within each of these species. This is because an oyster will take on unique characteristics based on where it lives, how much salt is in the ocean, how it has been farmed, and what the ocean temperature is. Here are several things to keep in mind if you want to choose the best possible oysters for your dinner party.



You can eat large oysters when they are raw. You can also grill them. On the other hand, it's a good idea only to consume small oysters when they are raw. Many people prefer to save their larger oysters for grilling and only to eat smaller raw oysters.



Various factors determine how an oyster tastes. Farmers can control some of these factors, such as the temperature and salt content of the water. Oysters that come from bays tend to be milder. Sea oysters will have a saltier taste. Oysters from the West coast have a sweeter and milder taste than those from the East coast. East coast oysters have more of a mineral flavor. They also tend to be saltier. If you are looking for creamier oysters, you should look for ones from the Gulf Coast.



Shuckability refers to how easy it is to shuck an oyster. Experienced oyster shuckers can shuck ten or more oysters in a minute. If you are shucking oysters for the first time, it will take you much longer. Wild oysters are easier to shuck because they have thicker shells than farmed oysters. This might sound counterintuitive. Thinner shells tend to crack more quickly, so it is necessary to be more careful when shucking them.  If you are purchasing farmed oysters, you should look for tumbled oysters. These oysters have been tumbled in a mechanical device that breaks away their thinner growing edges, making it easier to shuck their shells. Keep in mind that tumbled oysters tend to be more expensive.


Create a Shucking Challenge 

If you are trying to create an exciting activity for your oyster challenge, you should hold a shucking challenge. Once your guests have arrived, bring all of your oysters onto a table. Explain that you're going to be holding a shucking challenge and that you will offer a reward to the person who can shuck the most oysters. When you are doing your party planning, make sure to track down the right oyster shucking tools. You'll need a dish towel, an oyster knife, and protective gloves for everybody participating in the challenge.


Serving Oysters

It would be best if you served your oysters when they were fresh and slightly chilled. Consider placing them on a large plate. You can put them on top of a bed of lettuce or a layer of ice. It's a good idea to place them on crushed ice if you want to prevent them from falling over and spilling their juices. Ice will also keep them cool.  If you choose not to serve them with ice, you can always add a folded dish towel to the bottom of the plate. This will give the oysters more stability. 

Some people prefer to serve oysters on oyster plates. You can purchase oyster party merchandise online. You can also reach out to your friends who love oysters to find out if one of them has an oyster plate that you can borrow. Oyster Condiments and Garnishes You should offer your dinner party guests several condiment options for their oysters, even though many people do not like them. Others prefer only to add a squeeze of lemon. Make sure that you have a mignonette. This is a traditional oyster sauce. It consists of red wine, vinegar, and finely chopped shallots. Offering hot sauce, cocktail sauce, and Granita is also a good idea.


Oyster Party Drinks

Cover up on red and sparkling wine if your dinner party guests enjoy drinking alcohol. You can also serve cocktails if you want to be fancy. The Bloody Mary is one of the best cocktails for oyster parties. It would be best if you offered various non-alcoholic drink options. You can't go wrong by providing alcohol-free sparking cider, soft drinks, iced tea, or lemonade. Before your party starts, consider asking your guests what drinks they prefer. People who hold oyster parties during important holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween often choose to serve seasonal drinks such as spiced ciders.


Choose the Best Oyster Catering in Charleston SC

If you are holding an oyster party, you should choose the best oysters in Charleston, SC. Consider inviting your guests to take part in an oyster shucking contest. 

Are you ready to hold an oyster party? If so, we are here to help.  Contact Old Man Oyster Company today to start an oyster catering inquiry.